“Beautiful, made even more so by the Meaning it holds”

I bought a large hamsa necklace a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I am not particularly superstitious, but have always felt comforted somehow when wearing hamsas or evil eyes. My precious two year old dog Juno became ill last year, and had several months of worry. At that point I thought every little thing must count, so I took the charm and added it to Juno’s collar. Soon thereafter she finally started to respond to her medications and began her recovery. Whenever I am feeling worried I put the necklace on (if I’m not already wearing it), and Vanessa’s jewellery is beautiful, made even more so by the meaning it holds.

Andrea – London, UK



“Mood Enhancing & Uplifting”

I have worn your beautiful evil eye bracelet when relaxing on holiday in evening sunsets which the rose gold reflects to perfection. I often wear your coral bangle with a single diamond when working with my patients who have commented on the calm therapeutic efftect when the diamond catches the light. It is mood enhancing and uplifting.

Marilyn, Psychiatrist – London, UK



“Feel like a Princess!”

Wear them to feel like a real princess!

Petra – Cyprus



“Beautifully crafted and delicate”

I love my Vanessa Kandiyoti jewellery pieces. They are beautifully crafted and delicate, and combine contemporary design with the mystic of the evil eye tradition.

Nina – Warwickshire, UK



“My Secret Weapon”

I have a beautiful long necklace with a diamond Hamsa, a large diamond and sapphire eye, and a small diamond and sapphire eye. I also have a Fresh & Wild bracelet. They are so unique that I always get compliments when I wear them. I wear them on days I need extra strength and it always makes me feel I can face and conquer all issues. My secret weapon!

Toni – London, UK



“I can’t stop telling people how lucky your jewellery is!”

Every time I look down at my wrist I smile because I know I am protected. I had an interview last year at Georgetown University for admission into their Executive MBA program, and needless to say I had an extreme case of the butterflies! As soon as I arrived, the interviewer noticed Vanessa’s bracelet on my wrist and we began talking about the history of the Evil Eye. The interviewer and I hit it off, and I made it into the program! I never leave home without Vanessa’s necklace or bracelet (but I usually wear both!). I can’t stop telling people how lucky your jewellery is!

Lala, Executive MBA student – Washington DC



“Protection in a beautiful stylish way”

Not a single day ends without a person complimenting my necklace… I always believed in the power of the Evil Eye, what more can we ask than protection in a beautiful stylish way! I haven’t removed my necklace since I recieved it two years ago! Thanks Vanessa, love your designs!

Karen, Home Maker – Brussels, Belgium



“Always makes me feel Special”

My Vanessa Kandiyoti piece always makes me feel special and safe.

Emily, Art Gallery Owner – London, UK



“To me it is Priceless”

I love my neckalce, it is really special to me and I rarely take it off. To me it is priceless because of its sentimental value, but I love that strangers often stop me to tell me how beautiful it is and to ask me where I got it… and I proudly tell them its by Vanessa Kandiyoti!

Mimi, Animal Activist – London, UK



“Timeless and Majestic”

I love my Vanessa Kandiyoti bracelet, and don’t go anywhere without this beautiful piece of protection. I believe it safeguards me and my family in all we do. It is timeless and majestic.

Marina, Anthropology Professor – London, UK



“Simply stunning no matter what the occasion”

I have been wearing my Evil Eye for years, and always receive compliments from friends (and strangers!) about how beautiful and delicate it is as a bracelet. It has also made it onto the wrists of some of my closest girlfriends on their wedding day as ‘something borrowed’, and simply put, simply stunning no matter what occasion. I never leave home without it!

Catherine, Communications Director – Seattle, USA