Artwork: Ethel Adnan

Good morning lovely people,

Every time i face the computer screen asking myself what i am going to write about, the answer is always here, with what’s present and as soon as i remember that there is no need to share anything complicated, that the wisdom is within us all, the words start flowing out of me and my body relaxes. So deep breaths everyone, and welcome to this pre- fall newsletter filled with mindfulness meditation tips and lots of love.

With that deep breath, i am going to invite you to connect to your sits bone (or bottom) touching the chair you might be sitting on, or simply connecting to your feet touching the ground you might be standing on. What if with that breath, you were to focus on the air moving through your nostrils, and just like that, you got out of your mind, into your body and into the present moment.

No past, no future based on your past, just the present, and a future built upon this new awareness.

That’s all i would like to leave you with.

In case you would like to practice together, pls reach out or check the events and workshops space, as well as the new meditation uploaded for “rough days.” Next week, I will back in sunny Lisboa for a workshop and resume my sessions in London on Sept 23rd.

Until then, may this new awareness fill you up with surprises and delights which are what being present to what is (not to the past) is actually filled with.

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