Artwork: Cindy Sherman 

This week, towards the end of the guided meditation for the full moon, I asked myself what i was doing?:)

Well, i am not going to go there right now, but it certainly felt like i was ready for a break. Are you with me here?

You might already be on your summer break, or are about to step into it, or not in need of any, or not have the luxury to take one, but one thing i would like to say, is that i don’t want to think, plan or take care of anything for the next ten days.

Its been the most amazing few months, sharing this work in London and seeing it pick up, slowly starting to create community.

This fills my heart with joy, and more blessings are coming my way but I need to stop so that I can receive more when i come back.  The truth is that i cannot plan how any of it will unfold, all I know is the truth of uncertainty, yet, there are some things that are precious, deep within all of us, that are certain and this is what i want to hold on to as I let go for the next ten days.

Trusting that everything will be as it needs to upon my return.

This was the message of this full moon in capricorn: what can we let go of that is no longer our truth, that we think is foundational but is actually external? What values, intrinsic to our essence are we ready to embrace more deeply?

Once we know our truth, it can never be unknown.

May we all breath out what doesn’t truly belong to us, and step in more fully into what makes our chore stronger.

In case you feel called to listen to this week’s guided meditation, its all about that.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend

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