Artwork: Richard Prince

Good Morning everyone,

You are still beautiful today, actually more than ever, but I don’t feel called to say it. As cliche as it sounds, beauty lies in how we feel and is actually always accessible, far beyond our physicality. Yes, it is indeed the first thing we see, but that’s only one of our senses, and as nothing is permanent, beauty is beyond form. Beyond our limited perception and always present.

So I am going to invite you to take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground, checking in with yourself, with your body, with your breath and with your chore: how beautiful do you feel right now? Is there any switch in perspective that you can take on, so that you radiate even more of the beauty that is within you? This is not about fixing yourself or going into any length to change the way things are externally, this is just about feeling better and shinier, by letting go of your mind’s perception of how it SHOULD all look like and instead tuning into to what is present and to what feels good to you.

What if every step you had taken till now, was exactly what you needed to grow, and come home to yourself? Yes, we can always believe the thought that things should have been different, but the foundation of this practice is filled with acceptance and compassion, “we could have done better, yet, we did our best at that time.”

So I am now going to invite you to breath out, all of the tensions, stories in your head, must and should’s. Taking on a new perspective takes time, practice and most importantly, faith into the unknown. That scary unknown, that we can take on with more ease, by being present to our needs. So what is it that you need right now, to feel better and become your own best ally, regardless of the form?

Trusting that somehow, what feels good to you, is a doorway to a new way of seeing, from there, balance will eventually find its way.

On this note, I have uploaded a new guided meditation called Beyond Form, which I hope you’ ll enjoy, beyond its form, it’s short and sweet.

Please do let me know if you have any questions, and don’t hesitate to forward this mail, to whoever might benefit from it.

With Love,

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