This week has been intense: filled with the grief of loosing the man who helped me self- publish The Jewel Process; the joy of realising more than ever that living is now; and the excitement of the path that is unfolding.

I have just left the launch of a book called Intention, written by The Modern Day Wizard aka Andrew Wallas. I heard about Andrew five months ago, from a wonderful Serbian masseur in Germany, and then, heard about him again from an amazing English PR who specialises in wellness. As I am sucker for synchronicities, I took it as a sign and decided to make an appointment with The Wizard himself. I had no idea how the session was going to unfold but I was instantly put at ease, as he greeted me with his genuine warmth and elegance.

So here i am, a month later, feeling more embodied than ever, finally feeling reconnected to my power. Did Andrew perform magic on me? I don’t know about that, but he certainly made me realise that its time to stop playing it small and that we are all goddesses regardless of outside circumstances. It is by believing the voice in our head that keeps up stuck in old stories and labels that we disconnect from our flow, from our brilliance and from what is actually our birthright. There will always be someone prettier in the room, but that is not a game changer. Self -respect is, and so is accessing that inner beauty that never fades. This is why meditation and setting an intention that comes from our core make a fierce duo: the breath, which we use as an anchor to come back to the present moment is like a sword that takes us out of the trance of those stories we still buy into and from there we have room to act and create, instead of react and feel stuck.

If you happen to live in London, and want to know more about this work, this month is filled with free meditation sessions, ceremonies and workshops on intention setting, vision boarding (taught by the master herself, Carmela Fleury) and how essential oils can help you set your intention and find your tribe (led by Abi Taugwalder). You can see it all in my events page and sign up there. At the risk of sounding cliché, doubting is passé. This doesn’t mean that we will shine with the same intensity everyday, but as long as we show up with our intention at heart, it won’t matter any more.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and in case you feel called to leave a comment, please do so, i love reading you.


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