Artwork: Rana Begum

As i start writing this newsletter on a full moon in Aquarius, I don’t want to go into writing and preaching about how to live our lives “mindfully”. People who know me, also know that i do my best to grow, but that i am goofy, can be judgmental and am far from perfect, (i am basically HUMAN). When i strive for “perfection” i simply become disconnected from what is, from others and from pleasure.

The work of meditation is not about fixing any of this, because the truth is thats its probably unfixable, but what if slowing down a few minutes daily to feel and connect with ourselves made us realise the fact that everything is actually interconnected and that we have a choice to question what makes us stress daily? Are the thoughts we are buying into making us more anxious, are they supporting us? Are we being hard on ourselves or judgmental with others (the two are usually linked)? Are we finding the time to feel our feet on the ground and as they say: smell the roses?

Well, all i know is that when i slow down, i feel nicer. Its not just nicer with others, its nicer with myself too and my world becomes brighter and lighter. Just like a fine summer day.

My wish on this full moon, is that we all feel nicer, regardless of the negative connotation “nice” once had.

May we all feel authentically nice, standing tall on our feet and trusting that as we slow down, we are not missing out on anything. On the contrary, we can be as effective, receiving what is for us, and nice all at the same time.

If you feel called to feel your feet on the ground, I have uploaded a meditation called lower body scan, which can maybe help you slow down your mind and focus on your lower body instead. If you feel called to see me in person, then pls check out the events and workshops space on my website. I will be giving a group meditation in brussels on August 24th in the morning, and will host more meditations in London too. If seeing me in person is somehow logistically challenging, they we can also Skype or FaceTime, which i am a big fan of.

In the meantime though, i hope you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are.

Sending you metta (love) from London town.


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