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Whilst walking last week, I kept witnessing the story teller within me longing to share stories of the Camino. Now that i have my computer in front of me though, its another ball game… I write and delete, not fully landed from my trip, yet. Yet, the words that keep coming up are the same ones i encountered on my walk i.e.” keep going”. A lot of us tend to suppress our voice, buying into a “not enough-ness” that seems to be what drives most our society and economy. Do this or buy that, and then you’ll be enough. Take this course and look a certain way, and then you’ ll be enough. What if we all were more than “enough” to begin with? What if being human was about accepting our flaws instead of fighting against them, knowing that there is no such a thing as perfection because the truth is that it all changes constantly? What if through our breath, finding an anchor deep within, we were able to access this well of compassion and acceptance that is within us all, at all time? Lastly, what if now was the time to truly start walking, realising that we all have the ability to give ourselves the support or approval that we are looking from others. I invite you all, as you are reading this to take a deep inhale, literally taking it all in, and breathing out anything and everything you no longer need.

At the end of our five days walk, i met a few people who told me why they had been walking for six weeks or more, and the answer was always about the meeting of the self, going back to the chore, the essence, the flame that is within us all and that we tend to burry below the unease that comes alongside not enough-ness. My wish for us all is that we are able to use our breath as a sword that cuts through the trance and misbelief that we are not enough, enabling us to come back to what truly is, slowly, gently.

May we all find the peace that comes with feeling enough. May we all keep walking, regardless of a limp, or an imperfection. May we all feel free.

In case you would like to know more about this practice, i have uploaded a new meditation, and if you feel called to explore even deeper, there will be a group meditation for the powerful full moon next Tuesday July 16th in London town, and another one for the new moon on July 30th. Please know that i also do one on one sessions, and will soon be available for weddings and bar mitzvah:)

Sending you my love

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