Artwork: Cy Twombly

Its been a busy week in London town, and i wish i could close my eyes and land in the most nourishing piece of earth, where no cars or any type of engine would be allowed. Anyone wants to meet me there? The truth is that when i am tired, or feel a little uninspired, there is one meditation practice which comes to mind and which is called Metta, or Loving kindness. This practice is like repeating mantras or sentences that supports our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, even people we don’t particularly like and it goes like this: May we all be healthy. May we all be kind. May we all feel loved. May we all find joy. May we all support one another…

The practice of metta may feel unnatural at first, but like all meditation practice, it creates a new internal mapping, allowing us to start seeing differently. If you would like to know more about it, Sharon Salzberg speaks and writes extensively about it.

I have also uploaded a new meditation if you feel called to listen.

In the meantime, I am sending you the warmest wishes from sunny London. May you have a restful and exciting weekend.


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