Artwork: Aie Weiwei

Good Morning Beautiful People,

I hope that you are waking up to a soft heart and a quiet mind, whatever the news update.

We are going through uncertain times where fear seems to be the most popular emotion.

Yet, being judged for overreacting or being careless seems to be the new norm, so what exactly is the right reaction to adopt if we don’t want to get attacked by other humans? To that question, my teacher Jack Kornfield said recently: “Spring will come, like it always does and the earth will regenerate, like it always does, let’s remember to be kind.”

So, how can we tend to our heart, family and community today, without letting fear make the worse of tomorrow?

I am going to invite you to pause, and take a deep inhale, coming back to the present moment, to the air moving through your nostrils and to the simplicity that is in being present. As you breath out, imagine being guided by the part within you that knows that there is no right or wrong answer in how to react, especially when we keep a compassionate heart.

Nobody knows what tomorrow is made out of, so for today, may we all feel safe and voice our needs, keeping a compassionate heart for our neighbours, friends and community. May we all remember to help the ones who are struggling, however we can.

On this note, I have recorded a new guided meditation which I hope you’ll enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to message me with your comments and questions and to forward this message, to whoever might need to read it.

With Love and Respect,


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