Artwork: Keith Haring

Good morning beautiful people,

How cheesy to call this post “One Love” on Valentine’s day, but the truth is that in meditation, we are taught to love it all, the crazy thoughts, the jealousy, the sadness, the anger, the doubts, the fears, the shame, the grief… They are all part of our internal mapping as human beings, they come and go, no one gets spared. Yet, acknowledging how we feel, can also be done from the seat of the meditator, the observer, and alongside presence comes distance, no longer having the same knee jerk reactions to our emotions, eventually witnessing our old triggers fading away.

What if there was nothing to fix, no one to be compared to?

What if we were to re-invest the energy we use in shaming, belittling, hiding and fixing ourselves and instead, would infuse it into matters that truly touch our core, eventually impacting our society for the better?

As the late Bob Marley rightly said: One Love, One Heart, Let’s Gets Together and Feel Alright.

On this note, I am going to invite you to take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground, breathing out the tensions, anything and everything you no longer need. Literally staying present to your breath, to the movement it creates in your chest, in your tummy.

Remembering that you have everything that you need, right now.

Today, I will leave you with this inquiry and a new meditation called One Love. Don’t hesitate to message me if you have comments or questions and please do share this message with whoever needs to read it.

I will soon be guiding online meditations and the details will be sent to you in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, may we all accept what is, regardless of our plans, and step fully into the life that is here, for us.

Happiest of Birthday to my father, the one and only Adnan. You are the best and may you forever be blessed!

With Love and Respect,


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