Artwork: Loïc Raguenes

Good morning beautiful people,

What if our anger was the seat of our passion, fire and creativity?

What if by tapping into it and regularly releasing it, we were fuelling our true nature?

Anger is something we usually put under the carpet, ashamed of it and are often told off for expressing it. But it is when we bottle it up and accumulate it that it truly starts to leave a mark in our body, and as we know, the body keeps the score, eventually, leading us to explode or just be really aggressive on a regular basis, leaving the anger dormant within.

On the other hand, when we find a way to truly be with our anger, respecting it as the powerful emotion that it is, regularly releasing through sport, boxing, dancing, talking, journaling, or whatever one feels called to do or say, that we can then process whatever needs to be acknowledged and feel even more at home inside of ourselves.

The result is pure magic, as if by shining light on our darkest bits, we free energy within ourselves to activate the fire inside of all of us.

So today, I am going to invite you to feel your feet on the ground and take a deep inhale, then when you feel ready, exhale everything and anything you no longer need, only you know what is bottled up inside of you, and often, there is so much more then we could have ever imagined. I can personally scream and hit a pillow for hours at a time:) A little scary but pretty empowering.

On this note, I have recorded a new meditation called The Body Keeps the Score, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Please do let me know if you have any questions and don’t hesitate to share with whoever might need to release a little anger:).

With Love,

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