Artwork: John Giorno

Good Morning Beautiful People,

I hope that you are safe and somehow well, wherever you may be in the world.

Today, as I venture out in writing to you, I wonder how I will express what I wish to share.

And the truth is that every time my message to you feels complicated, it means that I haven’t checked in with myself and that I am stuck in my head, either reliving the past or making assumptions about the future.

Keeping it simple is definitely an art, and not one that most of us have been geared towards.

But the truth is that we know when our words or actions are unaligned, when we are not connected and when we operate from our head only. Something within us, just doesn’t resonate like truth and though our mind may come up with a thousand excuses not to step up, we still have to face the fact that something feels off.

So I am going to invite you to take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground and the air moving through your nostrils. I do keep repeating myself but there is not a thousand ways to find stillness within and listen to that voice, that innate wisdom that is present for every single one us and guides us towards our highest good. Yes those words may sound like a lot, yet, when you know, you know, beyond any reasonable doubt.

Let’s remember though, that being human does come with its imperfections, and that compassion is always welcome into the mix. In spirituality, we are always reminded to trust the timing that shows up for ourselves. And my wish for us all today, is that as we tune into our divine knowing, our innate wisdom, we become in sync with the so called “perfect timing.”

May we all be healthy and feel in the flow, whatever our external circumstances.

My heart goes out to anyone going through a hard time, please feel free to reach out and share whatever you wish.

If you feel called to know more about this practice, I have recorded a new guided meditation called Innate Wisdom.

Again, please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions, and to join our daily morning sessions at 9.30CET  password: 739019.

With Love and Huge Respect.


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