Artwork: Ann Veronica Janssens

Welcome to my new website, it has been long in the making, wanting to link the jewellery, meditations and book. With ease and flow it finally came together, like it always does when the timing is right.

I have never had to struggle for my work to be in the light, yet i can say this year has been humbling, not knowing if The Jewel Process, where i had put so much energy into was ever going to be seen by more than 200 people who bought my first copies (my mother and brother bought 20 each:). So last week, i decided to reconnect to my soul, to what feels right deep inside, instead of being in my head and listening to the stories that were keeping me small and disconnected. I decided to surrender, telling myself that its ok if my book is never written about, that it was ok not to have the life my mind had planned for. Surrendering took me time, slowing down was of essence, taking my time for meditation, journaling and simply making the best of the blessings i have. I became tired of thinking about me, it was time to do things for others, serve, and it no longer mattered what form things would take.

And then this morning, i woke up to an email from goop, telling me that the interview about my book which had taken place a few months ago was going to be sent out through their newsletter (i had given up). And then, I got another email from the goop event coordinator asking me to guide a meditation for their VIP group during the London health summit. And just like that, i screamed, got out of bed, and went back to do my morning practice. Events will come and go and its wonderful to know my book will be written about, but everything changes all the time, so how can i stay connected to the place inside of me that watches it all, and does not rely on outside circumstances to smile.

In meditation, we learn to not believe the critic in our head, this is not our essence. Our essence is the sky underneath the cloud, and to access it, requires practice. This is why i have decided to start my own Jewel Process two days ago, read the book that doesn’t even feel like i have written it anymore, write in the workbook and start walking my talk again. I guess I knew deep down in the last few months that i was no longer in integrity, and that i was paying the price for it with my lack of inner peace.

So whether you choose to start your own Jewel Process, or do something else that reconnects you to your essence, all i can say is that it is worth taking the time for it and be patient until you feel reconnected to your soul. Life is now, not tomorrow when my book will become a bestseller or when i will meet Oprah:) Lets enjoy what we have, baring in mind that the only thing that is permanent is our breath, and our connection to the present moment. If you would like to meditate together, please sign up for my sessions, sharing this work gives me great joy. Wishing you all the very best. Vanessa

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