Artwork: Lee Ufan

Good Morning Beautiful People,

I hope that you are safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

Some of us are starting to feel restless as confinements are lasting longer than our mind had anticipated. We now really want to get back to the closeness we once felt with others, or to the distractions that kept us away from ourselves.

But what if the only thing we could really control right now is how we are holding space for ourselves?

Are you showing up compassionately for the parts within you that are struggling hard? Are you showing up for the anxious thoughts coming your way that are connected to uncertainty? How about your sleep? How is that going for you? Are you believing every information you stumble upon?

In meditation, we often talk about meeting the parts of ourselves that are asking for our attention.

So as you take a deep inhale, feeling the air moving in through your nostrils, feeling your chest expanding,

You are invited to check in with yourself, and ask wholeheartedly: Which part needs me to show up right now? Which part do I need to hold space for? As you breath out, feeling your chest contracting, and your focus slowly moving from your mind to your body, can you be present to what you are feeling within?

This is not a black or white practice. It takes time to show up for ourselves, especially when we have learned to run from what feels unpleasant.

My wish for us all today, is that as we learn to show up for our imperfections, we mirror this behaviour onto others, opening our heart to their imperfections, keeping our boundaries in place, yet feeling compassion for it all.

In case you feel called to deepen your practice, we are still meeting daily on zoom at 9.30am CET | password 739019

Again, dont hesitate to reach out of comment, or simply sharing this message with whoever might need to read it.

With Love and Deep Respect,


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