Artwork: Hirochi Sugimoto

Good Morning Beautiful People,

I hope that you are well and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

What a special summer is unfolding for most of us, unable to cross all borders.

Having been to an international school, I grew to see the world as one big oyster, literally recharging on flights and getting energy from new landscapes, as if every trip was filled with possibilities and no distances were ever too far.

This summer though and for the next foreseeable months, it seems that this world of endless travelling won’t be much of an option, so what will some of us do instead?

“Will we be sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away?”

I don’t want to sound too cliche, but what about seeing this time as an opportunity to build on the foundation that we have known to be stable, regardless of outer changes?

Our mind feeds itself on getting its way, but our heart open us up to possibilities our mind could not have anticipated in a million years.

So as we take a deep inhale altogether, literally bowing to the ways of the heart, bowing to the present moment and to what you know deep within to be unchangeable, I am inviting you to breath out anything and everything you no longer need.

We always have the option to fight against what is, or somehow, ease into the present moment, and make the best out of what is handed over to us.

So yes, today I feel hopeful, knowing that even the sad days never last forever, and that freedom doesn’t have to be in our movements or in what aligns with our mind.

May we all access the freedom that is present with a open and loving heart, even for the difficult days we are going through.

In the meantime, we are still meeting on zoom, DAILY at 9:30am Brussels time | password 739019 and I am also available for one on one sessions.

Please do let me know if you have any questions and feel free to drop me an email with how you are doing.

With Love and Deep Respect,


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