Artwork: Isa Genzken

Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

I personally long to travel and be warm again, I long to sit in a restaurant or cafe, or go see an exhibit or shop, yet, I used to found something wrong with most places or situation. How about you?

Today, I choose to message you first because my baby boy is one month old, and secondly, because this month of motherhood has been humbling.

Today, and as cliche as this sounds, I choose to feel gratitude for this new uncontrollable life. For the people I sometimes push away because of my own fears and for the role they play in waking me up to all the love and messy joy that is present, regardless of the crazy times we are living.

I have mentioned a couple of times that I practice meditation and write because I need it. When I don’t practice, I can be extremely anxious and think the world is one mean place. So this practice, and being present makes it all softer, gentler, kinder, away from bad memories of the past and fears or reliving them into the future.

So as we take a deep inhale here, altogether, I pray that regardless of the messy times we are living in, we realise the little things we do have, and reach out to others. As we breath out, how about reaching out to people we like yet often judge?

May we all break free from seeking control and perfection and instead, literally smell the roses as we walk past them.

May we be healthy,
May we be resourceful,
May we be present.

With love and deep respect,


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