Artwork: David Hockney

I write to you, ready to embark on The Camino, with four friends for the week ahead. The truth is that life has been busy and beautiful and i have not very much researched where i am going. But walking for the next five days in nature, on what is meant to be a sacred walk sounds up my alley. Walking is cleansing, calming and when done mindfully, is also meditation. Being with what is, questioning whatever comes up, and most importantly, coming back to what is, everytime the mind tries to create a story or an ending that is yet unknown. So maybe this is where the gift lies in being present? The unknown, riding the wave of what is, trusting that somehow we can’t control the size of the wave, but we can learn to ride it, especially when something new shows up?

Impermanence is truly the only thing we are sure of, and i have witnessed most people in group meditations, connecting to themselves, and unexplainably letting go of the need to control, trusting the ride they are on and somehow finding the sweet delicious spot that is in being present.

That is my wish for you, may you find that sweet delicious spot that lies in being present.

If you feel called to know more about this practice, i have uploaded a new meditation and feel free to tune into the events and workshops part of my website or simply a one on one.


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