The First Agreement

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Artwork: Willem de Kooning

Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are healthy, wherever you are in the world.

What a time to be human. Walking around with a mask makes me wonder how we got here and which dimension are we now living in?

People are getting sick, but it seems that the majority of Covid related symptoms are now milder. Yet, the actions put in place by our governments are drastic, so what will happen to our economy, our society?

Extreme consumerism and the rush mentality seemed out of place to begin with, so what will it be replaced by? Will we reinvent ourselves? Is it too much to dream of healthier foundations for us all.

Integrity literally means whole or intact, hence when we act out of it, we get more anxious and fidgety.

In his book The Four Agreements, author Miguel Ruiz talks about the impact of our words on our energy field and how being impeccable with our words, ie. how we speak about others, ourselves and listen to our truth will impact us as a whole.

I have been noticing myself being more social and somehow abiding more by the norm so that I can fit in. It makes me fidgety during the day, and sleep with unease at night. Does it sound familiar?

On this note, I’ d like to invite you to pause and take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground. As you breath out, how about visualising the weight you may unconsciously carry within, leave your body and move through the ground.

Apparently, we are born perfect and in line with our true nature. We begin to create duality when we please others and abide by rules that don’t seem to fit us, yet we do it by fear of being reprimanded. This is also when we stop knowing what is for our highest good and enter confusion.

As so much seems to be up in the air right now, how can we come closer to our true nature? Conscious when something feels off or aligned. What if it started with our words reflecting our integrity? Easier said than done, especially when criticism is so easy. Yet, the after taste that comes with selling ourselves short so that we can follow the herd is very bitter.

So my wish for us all today is that step by step, we become more conscious of our words, of our integrity and how we speak about ourselves and others.

May we listen to our truth gently,
May we voice our truth kindly if necessary,
May we voice our truth fiercely if needs be.

Please don’t hesitate to send me your comments and in the meantime, I have also recorded a new meditation on this topic.

With love and deep respect.


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