Artwork: Joan Jonas

Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

Today, I am writing to you from beautiful London Town where I had not been since early March. I am going to spare you on the whole London is bruised speech, because like the rest of the world it is, but its pulse is still very much alive.

So instead, I will invite you to get current and check in with yourself. Can you feel your feet on the ground? Can you feel the air moving through your nostrils? Do you feel your belly and chest expanding as you take an inhale?

A change of environment often enable us to see things from a different perspective, and the same change of perspective can actually happen again with a conscious inhale followed by a slow and long exhale. We don’t need to travel, often all we need is to find stillness where we are at.

As quoted before, Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chaudron talks about things constantly falling apart, and coming back together, just to fall apart again so that they can take a better fit.

Is your mind fighting what is? Do you need a change in perspective to align with your reality?

I know, easier said than done, but eventually, through meditation and the practice of seeing what is, we become conscious  of our internal chatter and realise that we don’t need to travel to see differently. We have all the tools within, one conscious breath at a time.

This is my wish for all of us all today, that we align with what is and what is for our highest good.

May we be healthy,
May we be free from suffering,
May we be happy,
And May we see all what is for us.

In case you feel called to deepen your practice, we are still meeting daily on zoom and I even got to wake up an hour earlier this week:) so 930am Brussels time it is.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to message me with your comments and questions.

With love and deep respect,


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