Artwork : Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

This week I am in London Town where I waved goodbye to a very dear friend who moved back to Los Angeles. Though it marks the end of an era, I still see the world as one big oyster, even if some borders are harder to cross at the moment.

The truth is that I am having my own transition time as I am birthing a little boy in about eight weeks.

In meditation, they say that change is inevitable and I didn’t always believe that, until life showed me otherwise. We can resist and hold on to our dear ways for as long as we can but eventually, something always gives.

It may not always give according to how we had planned for, but it’s definitely in our best interest to breath through the inevitability of what it is to be human.

In birthing class, we actually learn that a contraction will be much harder on the body when we mix it with fear and resistance. So the key, is to welcome every wave, breathing through the changes and hoping for the best.

Presence, will always guide us in the direction of the best possible outcome, and it is mostly the stories of our past and the fear of the future that will make us doubtful.

So I am going to invite you to take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground and the air moving through your nostrils.  As you breath out, remember that whenever you feel a deep sense of confusion with the change that is about to come up, all you are being asked is to come back to the present moment and use the different anchors such as the connection to your breath or your body. We cannot stop our mind going in the past or future but we can practice holding space for to the part within you that is resisting, aching and doubting. As cliche as it sounds, let’s all practice to become our own best ally.

On this note, we are still meeting daily on zoom at 930am and it would be great to see more of you there. I am also available for one on one sessions especially if you feel challenged by the current situation. | password: 739019

May you be healthy
May you be free of suffering
May you feel joyful

With love and deep respect,


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