Artist: Rana Begum

Good morning beautiful people,

I used to think that in order to be happy, life should be “perfect”. But, i have learned with this work (i know a little late but you know the saying) that human beings are imperfect, so the search for perfection is to be left in vain, and instead, embracing the present moment and the joy and pain that come along with it is key.

So here i am, writing to you from London town, where the weather in one day is often described as the uncontrollable emotions and thoughts going through our mind and body: we wake up with grey rainy clouds so thick that no light can peak through, and then all of a sudden, when we expect it the least, the sun starts to shine. If our emotions and thoughts change so easily, just like the weather on a London day, then why do we associate ourselves with it? Can we not instead associate ourselves with the constant force that observes the change of emotions within us, just like the sky holding space for the ever changing weather?

Deep breath everyone, i am inviting you to feel your feet on the ground, your bottom on the chair you are sitting on and if you feel called to, even connect with the air going through your nostrils.

These are the anchors we use to come back to what truly is, especially when we embark on a story in our head that either belongs to the past or whose ending hasn’t been written yet. Throwing compassion for the part of ourselves that is so desperate to know also helps.

If you feeling called to know more, please reach out for a private session or come to a group one, sharing this work is what keeps it alive for me. I have also uploaded a new meditation and will leave you with the words of amazing author and buddhist nun Pema Chaudron: “If you are invested in security and certainty, you are on the wrong planet.”

Sending you love and blessings


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