Artwork: James Turrell

Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are all healthy, wherever you are in the world.

Having skipped a week of writing, I felt extra pressure to deliver a token of wisdom that was beyond my wildest dreams.

But pressure often has the opposite effect on me, i.e. it paralyses my thoughts, puts me in comparison mode, and stops the flow of creativity coming my way.

What effect does pressure have on you?

Is “operating” under pressure your way of getting things done?

Do you tend to listen to the voice inside your head that has no compassion and loves to criticise?

On this note, I would like to invite you to take a deep inhale literally feeling your feet on the ground and your sit bones on the chair you might be sitting on.

As you exhale slowly, how about visualising all the pressure or tension you unconsciously put yourself under, leaving your mind and body.

There is nothing to fix right now, not even a thing to control. Lastly, how about believing that you are exactly where you need to be right now?

Pressure does not always have a negative connotation, and can also be the natural consequence of what needs to come out.

Diamonds are made under pressure, babies come out under pressure, and sometimes our best ideas are also the result of pressure.

So when can we tell if pressure is necessary or to our detriment?

I have been hearing from wise people lately that pressure is inevitable during times of transformation, it might be a way of releasing the old.

This is also the time when being present and compassionate with ourselves is crucial, so that eventually, we get out of our own way and welcome something new.

May we all well,
May we all be present,
May we all be healthy.

On this note, we are still meeting daily on zoom for a 9:30am brussels time meditation, which will for sure decrease the level of pressure you might holding onto. | password: 739019

Please dont hesitate to email me your comments and question, I love hearing from you.

With Love, and Deep Respect,


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