Artwork: Leila Gediz

Good morning beautiful people,

I do mean it when I say “beautiful”, even if there are days when not an ounce of our being believes it.

In the work of meditation, we learn to meet and eventually accept the parts of our being that we deem not good enough so that with time, we begin to communicate with them, lean into them and eventually stop numbing them.

What if there were golden nuggets hidden in our darkest corners? What if we felt brave enough to go there, letting go of the fear of what we might uncover and somehow trusting the wisdom that is to be found everywhere?

Today, the only message I have for you is to trust. Trust in your ability to make the right choices, trust in your reach for excellence knowing that there is no perfection. Trust that you can rest in the grey zone, the unknown, for as long as is necessary. There is no rush. The only rush is in your head. Once you open your heart to the present moment, and welcome all of you, life begins to give you lemons juicier than you could have dreamt of. So get ready to squeeze those lemons and create the yummiest lemonade. One lemon at a time, one squeeze at a time.

On this note, if you feel called to hear more about letting go of control, tune into this week’s meditation called One Step at a Time. I share a story of an incredible woman I met in Istanbul. She created an inspiring social business, following the thread in front of her and not having a clue this was coming her way. So as the late George Michael said: “ … gotta have faith.”

I have also started making jewellery again, and though you can shop on my website, I will be in Geneva on Thursday 7th for a sale and a talk at a wonderful shop called Smile. And on November 16th, I will be in Paris for an afternoon about “coming into unity with the different parts of ourselves”. There is also a new resource section on my website, where I share some of the books and teachers I am into at the moment:) Yes, it evolves with me. Please message me if you have any questions, and don’t hesitate to share this newsletter with whoever might benefit from it.

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend,

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