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Good morning,

The things i love the most about writing this newsletter, is your feedback and knowing that whatever happens, i need to show up, record that meditation and write about what i am inspired to share for the week.

Usually, my message to you comes easily, on a good day i write it in 30 minutes and on a day like today, it takes me much longer. Eventually though, with some will and inspiration, my message comes to life. Deep breath:)

In meditation, there truly is nowhere to get to (this is maybe why i like it), it’s about being present to what is, in a sustained way and free of judgments. So no, meditation or mindfulness is not about becoming positive and taking on new thoughts.

Its not about replacing an obsession with food or shopping with another obsession that is more sustainable. Its actually about using  different anchors available to us, such as our breath or body parts, so that we can keep coming back to the present moment and hold space for ourselves and for what is.

So i am going to keep it short today and have uploaded a guided meditation that is longer and more powerful than usual, which i hope you will enjoy. Remember that we have everything that we need, right now. One breath after the other, feeling our feet on the ground and coming back to what is. From that place, our brain starts to rewire automatically because when we are not in the past or future, there is rarely anything wrong with life. I have witnessed again this week, a sudden change in the health of someone dear to my heart, so lets breath altogether and breath out anything and everything that no longer serves us.

Please feel free to share this message with whoever you think my need that gentle reminder, and know that i will be hosting a group guided meditation in London next week, and in Lisbon the week after. If you feel called to know more, visit the events page or email me.

Much much love,

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