Artwork: Yeh Shih Chiang

Good morning beautiful people,

What a week it has been on planet earth.

In the last chapter of my book, The Jewel Process, I wrote: “Uncertainty is probably the reason why some of us turn to spirituality in the first place and read self-help books, in search of an answer, in search of a methodology.

Spirituality allows us to be held by our devotion, by our belief in the perfect orchestration of things, and with that, it fulfils our primary need for safety, instead of dwelling on the disappointments of life.”

So I guess we have a choice, to trust or not to trust and it seems that when we don’t trust, life gets a lot harder. Yet, trusting doesn’t bypass the pain that comes along with being human. Because experiencing joy and disappointment is probably what makes us human after all, but when we become tired of hearing ourselves complain about the same stories, and question the thought that “things should be different”, thats when we become a “superhuman.” Somehow resistance creates more pain, remembering the saying that what we resist, persists.

So how do we know when it is time to surrender and let go so that we can let the guidance and wisdom in? The timing is different for everyone of us, but apparently, life begins to show us signs that it is time to change our ways, and as we tune in and find stillness, we begin to hear and we know.

On this note, I am going to invite you to feel your feet on the floor, and take a slow and deep inhale, gently breathing out anything and everything you no longer need. As you feel your body sink a little deeper into your seat, I am going to invite you to come back to your breath or body, every time your mind takes you on another narrative.

In the practice of meditation, the breath is our main ally, our weapon of ego destruction and my wish for us all, is that we feel well and healthy, trusting the unknown as well as our knowing.

This week, I have recorded a new meditation on this topic. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, recording it.

Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback and share this newsletter with whoever might benefit from it.

With Love and Respect,


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