Pleasure As Our Birthright

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Artwork: Harold Hancart

Good morning beautiful people,

I came across a couple of rare humans this week who radiate health, life and joy and though their life isn’t perfect, they use pleasure as an internal compass. Ie. when it doesn’t feel good, they take it as a sign that something may need to be redesigned or re-organised in the way they operate their life.

Pleasure is their birthright and they look more BALANCED than anyone I have met in a long time.

These women have families, yet choose to give to others too and strive on building communities and sharing their gifts. They travel, a lot, yet look so grounded.

They all say that they make sure their cup no longer feels empty, because if it were to be the case, they would not be able to give the way they do.

The more aligned they become with their mission on this earth, the more energy seems to be infused in their veins. They use essential oils and rarely need antibiotics and do not let anything external define them, seeing the world as an oyster and the interconnectedness between all things.

Yes, they meditate too, about eleven minutes most mornings, fitting it in somewhere before breakfast for the kids and rushing them to school. 🙂

Some of us might have more ease than others, but these women have worked hard at questioning the limiting beliefs, thoughts and stories that were not making them feel good.

They questioned and still do, one thought at a time, with a technique called The Work, designed by spiritual teacher and author Byron Katie, answering four questions for every thought that doesn’t feel good:

Is it true? Can I absolutely know for sure that this thought is true? How does this thought make me feel when I believe it to be true?

How do I feel when I don’t believe that thought? Lastly, doing something called the turnaround where you change the thought to its opposite, giving three reasons why the new thought is true.

This work is magic and when you do decide to take it on, one thought at a time (check out the app The Work or the website (, you begin to see the correlation between our thoughts and the impact they have on our body and energy.

So before you dismiss this new technique as nonsense, I am inviting you to take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground, your sits bones on the chair you might be sitting on, the air going through your nostrils and when you feel ready, ask yourself what thought, belief or label are you still holding on to that no longer serves you?

I dare you to question it and do The Work on it.

Pleasure is our birthright and guilt is overrated and so passé.

This week, I have uploaded a new meditation in honour of the full moon in Taurus.

It is 30 minutes long and filled with colours and cleansing energy. I hope you enjoy as much as I did recording it. I will also be co-teaching a fun afternoon workshop in Paris this Saturday, and there are more dates lined up in the events page.

Lastly, in case you have read The Jewel Process, I am in the process of creating an online course for it and will soon re-print a second edition so I welcome your feedback and what you would like to see more of. This book seems to be a great gift for any occasion and if you still prefer bling, then gentle reminder that we have two more weeks for special Xmas orders.

Wishing you days ahead that are more pleasurable than you can dream of.

With Love,


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