Artwork: Rene Magritte

Good morning Beautiful People,

Today is one of those days where before I sat down to write this message to you, I didn’t know what I was going to write.

In the past, this might have induced a state of panic or stress, believing that the well of inspiration I once had access to, had run dry. Yet, with dedication and trust, what needs to be shared, will be shared.

So todays’ newsletter, is about being held, and accessing the place within each and everyone of us that knows not to get in the way of life. The feeling I am referring to can be felt when we have done our best at something and have no more energy to do, we surrender, lie down, feel the earth, the couch, the floor, allowing any surface to carry us and through that, enabling our nervous system to calm down, rewire and eventually access the peace that is present in surrendering.

What if we had everything we needed, right now? What if our actions were in line with our highest good even if the outcomes were not as we had initially planned? What if we didn’t have to work it all out, and had no way to figure it all out anyways?

On this note, I am going to invite you to take a deep inhale, feeling your feet on the ground, and breathing out, anything and everything you no longer need. Observing your breath travelling through your body, using it consciously as a tool to ease tensions. I am now going to invite you to take another inhale, feeling the air moving through your nostrils, travelling to your tummy, and when you breath out, feeling your body sink in a little deeper into the surface that is holding you.

We do our best, and yet, have no idea what the perfect outcome truly is. Apparently, it is when we are ready to let go that life hands us what we desire the most. My wish for us all today, is that we all trust our need to surrender when we have no more resources within.

May we all remember to question the thoughts that cause drama in our head, and access the wisdom, that is here, for us all.

In case you would like to go a little deeper, I have recorded a new meditation that is best listened to lying down.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions, and please do share this message with whoever might benefit from it.

With Love and Respect,


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