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Good morning beautiful people,

Last July, I sat on a one week Vipassana silent retreat in Granada, it was one of the requirements to complete my certificate as a mindfulness teacher. I went in excited for the quiet, no need to go anywhere or do anything kind of feeling but I was soon forced to face some of the action in my head: the thoughts, desires, dreams, longings, cravings and nothing I could act upon.

As the week went on, I began to sleep better, no longer dreaming about someone or something I had seen on Instagram! My mind began to calm down, one conscious breath at a time and I began to meet the different parts within, especially the ones that were longing to be held or seen by someone or something external.

For as long as I can remember, I keep wanting to give my power away to things or even people I barely know that would validate me, heal me, love me and I always come back to realising that all I am looking for is first and foremost already present, inside of me. This is why I practice meditation, to actively meet the parts within that need reassurance, that need something that no one or no thing can provide me. Through this practice which enables me to observe the thoughts and emotions moving through me, without judging them and with compassion, I can consciously question the stories I still buy into. And the more I inquire, the less sense they make. Can you relate?

So what is it that hold us back, making us believe our doubts and play small because of fear?

Why are we still buying into stories that make us give our power away to things or people we barely know?

How can we eventually come into unity, clear past conditioning, hurt and stories that are tenacious and keep haunting us?

Can we eventually let go of what no longer serves us and start something new that is empowering and real?

Yes, but no amount of wishful thinking, praying or anything spiritual can help us move through those hurts, unless we consciously decide to meet them. So this is where I am at, and the fire in me is burning with the desire to share so much more of this practice, so come and meet me:)

I will be co-teaching a workshop in Paris on November 16th and am doing more corporate team building work. We talk about integrity, beginners mind, compassion and flexibility, and it’s fun. In case you would like to know more about it, please email me. There are also the usual bi-monthly group meditations in London and Brussels and I have uploaded a new guided meditation, which i hope you will enjoy. Remember to share this message with whoever you think might benefit from reading this.

This week, we also have a new landing page.

Wishing you a weekend filled with love and presence.

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