Going with the Current

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Artwork: Karla Accardi

Good morning beautiful people,

So many emotions and confusion as I write this message to you.

I could tell you that guiding a few meditations a day, keeps the doctor away, yet, this would not be the truth.

Physical health is present, and most days, so is my mental health, but the fear, the unknown, the confinement, the desire to walk out and scream loudly is also present, sometimes.

So in case you are still considering whether meditation can help you during challenging times, my answer to you is “yes it can”, only if you are willing to help yourself. You see, meditation is a tool we practice with a beginners mind so that we can not only be present to what is, but also rewire some of the neural pathways in our brain; the messages and knee jerk reactions that no longer support us. With time, we learn to act in ways that are more nourishing and grounding but it does take time to undo what we have so carefully built in as a protection mechanism. Self- compassion comes in very handy, as we consciously see what we mindlessly do.

On this note, I am going to invite you to take a deep inhale, feeling the air moving in your nostrils and moving down into your chest area. Breathing out, literally anything and everything that you no longer need. As you take another inhale, how about putting one hand on your heart, infusing more compassion into it and keeping your focus on your breath, enabling you to meet the parts within that need to be held.

Some of us meet on zoom daily at 9.30am and the only way to find peace amongst the noise in our head and tensions in our body, is not to fight against the current. Accepting what we feel, inquiring why, tending to our needs, and staying with it always gives in to something new, without fail.  So my wish for us all today, is to stay with what is, and see it through, trusting the guidance that comes to us as we stay the course.

In case you feel called to deepen your practice, don’t hesitate to tune in daily at 9.30am for 30 minutes, its heavenly.

Otherwise, I have recorded a new meditation which i hope will either help you relax or even sleep.

May we all feel safe, healthy and free.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, or to pass on this message to whoever might need to read it.

With Love and Respect


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