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Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are all safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

So here I am, still writing because I can and feel called to. I realise that a month away from becoming a mother, does not need to stop me from what I love, on the contrary, it is key that I keep at it.

In my last email, I quoted Osho talking about “uncertainty” being the only thing certain for us, and indeed, we never know what is around the corner.

At the moment, it seems that many of us are having to trade our way of living for new unfamiliar ways.

There is so much change travelling through the air, that we are being forced to find new anchors to hold on to.

Maybe some of our anchors were shaky to begin with?

Maybe it was time for a more solid foundation?

As much as all of those statements sound true, it is heartbreaking to hear about people with or without families no longer able to work and pay for their homes.

So here I am, mindful about what I am writing as on the one hand, building a more solid foundation from within always sounds like a good idea. Yet, on the other hand, I hate to think that innocent hardworking people are paying the price for our society.

I have mentioned before the meditative practice of Loving Kindness, which is about sending wishes of wellbeing to ourselves and to others.

Today, Loving Kindness seems like the most appropriate practice for all the changes we are going through as a society, as a community.

The truth is that the pain of one, impacts another so whether you choose to see it or not, taking a deep breath altogether and sending wishes of wellbeing, health, joy and presence to others will always ripple back our way and build upon our muscle of compassion.

Compassion, starts with ourselves and is so necessary today, more than ever.

Voila, I rest my case, and have the following wishes for us all:

May we be healthy,
May we be grateful,
May we be joyful,
May we be happy.

In case you feel called to meditate and try loving kindness one of these days, we are still meeting daily at 930am Brussels Time on zoom | password: 739019

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to wave hello, I love hearing from you.

With Love, a Big Belly, and Deep Respect,


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