Artwork: Luchita Lurtado

Sitting meditation is not for everyone, and practicing presence can also be done whilst washing our hands, walking, running, dancing or doing any form of exercise that enables us to be in our body. I guess any form of practice that pierces through the noise in our head will do wonders.

I must confess that since i have returned from The Camino, sitting meditation has not been enough for me to quiet the noise in my head and i have been dancing more, taking on 5 Rhythms dance. All i can say, is that it is available everywhere in the world and that it is pure bliss.

Sitting meditation came into my life at a time where it was needed, a month before breaking a wrist, and six months before breaking a foot. Life literally telling me to sit down, to slow down and i could never recommend it enough, especially for people who struggle to sit and switch off. Is what one resists the most, what is most needed? Who knows. But as the summer months are unfolding, and warmth and freedom lies in the air, it is easier to let go of our “winter stories” and be in our bodies.

May we all dance like nobody is watching, freeing ourselves of emotions that have been stuck in our body and that are linked to a particular narrative we are tired of. May we sigh and smile.

In case you would like to like to join me on a group meditation, i will be co hosting one with Hannah Muse in London on July 30th. I have also recorded a new meditation for you to sigh to.

Sending you a lot of blessings

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