Artwork: Fred Sandback

Good morning Beautiful People,

I hope that you are healthy and safe, wherever you are in the world.

In my part of the world, known as Northern Europe (I played a territory board game last night, called Risk:) we are easing our way out of confinement, and though freedom is priceless, I had found a certain ease and comfort in this slow paced life.

Apparently, “life happens when we are busy making other plans” and this is very much what the last three months have been about for most of us. A lesson in humility. Full realisation that we can prepare ourselves as much as we can, yet, we are not in control of the waves coming our way. I guess learning to surf those waves has indeed turned out to be a gift in this time of “uncertainty.” I highlight the word uncertainty because in my opinion, nothing is ever certain.

On this note, I will invite you to take a pause, and a deep breath, feeling your sit bones on the chair you might be sitting on; feeling your hands touching the keyboard on your device. As you breath out, you are invited to tune into the air moving through your body, tuning into the movements it creates in your belly and your chest.

Some of us are dealt with a busier mind than others, worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, and the more we choose to focus on the noise in our head, the busier it will get. We listen to the different voices in our head and believe the one convincing us of our ability to control and predict what life has in store for us. Yet, as Confucius once said: “Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.”

So my wish for us all today, is that as we lean into the uncertainty, and walk with humility we all retain our dignity.

In case you feel called to deepen your practice, we are still meeting daily at 930 Brussels time on Zoom password 739019 and I have also recorded a new meditation for you.

Dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments, its always a pleasure to connect with you.

With Love and Deep Respect,


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