Artwork: Bram Bogart

Good morning beautiful people,

I hope that you are all safe and healthy, wherever you are in this world.

Yes, things have indeed been shaking collectively, waking us up to the unconscious thoughts we believe about others’ skin colour, religion or differences. Most of us tend to navigate between feeling more than, or less than, buying into a false sense of self esteem, a mind made, external and impermanent sense of self, far away from the truth that comes with presence, humility and acceptance.

Three years ago, in the US at the mindfulness teacher training I attended, we spent an afternoon talking about “unconscious bias”, and white privilege. As a European, I wondered why we were spending such precious time talking about something that was so far away from my world. And then it dwelled on me that what people are experiencing in the US, is present in Europe too, and in most of the world. We judge, and feel separate from most people who act or look different than us.

Spiritual teacher Byron Katie says:  “Every judgment we create on others, is just a reflection of the insecurities that we carry deep within ourselves.”

On this note, I would like you to pause and take a deep inhale, taking in again that “every judgment we create on others, is just a reflection of the insecurities that we carry deep within ourselves.” As you let those words sink into your being and into your cells, you are invited to breath out, letting go of anything and everything you no longer need.

This conversation starts with being willing. Willing to question and change. Willing to watch our thoughts and reactions about others who share our world and our sidewalks. A lot of those thoughts or behaviours are unconscious, passed down by our caretakers and dormant, but as long as we are willing, we can create change.

I pray that as we wake up to our own insecurities and judgements, as we question their truth and validity, we enter a new era, one of empowerment and respect for each others differences, where no mask can shut us down.

In case you feel called to deepen your practice, we are indeed still meeting daily at 930am Brussels time on zoom. | password 739019.

Lastly, dont hesitate to message me if you have any question or comment and to  forward this message to whoever might need this gentle reminder.

With Love and deep Respect,


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