Artwork: Robert Motherwell

Good morning Beautiful People,

I hope that you are well and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

Today’s post is about the art of letting go. I wrote about hopelessness a few weeks ago, which is in my opinion a doorway to letting go.

The following quote by poet Yung Pueblo explains “letting go” beautifully:

“Letting go does not mean you have given up and it does not mean you no longer care.

It just means that you are releasing the attachments of the past that keeps getting in the way of your happiness and mental clarity.

Letting go is the unbinding and disentangling of old behaviour patterns that keep pulling you into unnecessary mental tension and worry.

When you can be okay with things not having gone a certain way, life begins again.

Making peace with the past opens you up to love, adventures and allows you to apply the lessons you have learned with a new calmness.”

So my wish for today, is that as we breath into the present moment, we all let go of what no longer serves us.

May we feel healthy
May we feel present to what is
May we love and
May we smile again and again.

Dont hesitate to reread this gorgeous quote again and to send me your comments.

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With Love and Deep Respect


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