There is a Crack in Everything

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Artwork: Ann Veronica Janssens 

I am writing to you from Brussels, Belgium where i am about to become an aunt for the second time which feels amazing and surreal all at once.

I have also just come back from giving my first corporate workshop in Lisbon and had so much fun doing it. As i was preparing for it, the thought of not having enough content to share did pass through my head, and gladly i chose to not entertain that thought. I was up there for about three and a half hours and could have stayed for a week had i not had a plane to catch:)

Leonard Cohen famously wrote in his song Anthem: “there is a crack in everything, thats how the light gets in.”

This epic sentence basically sums up the goal of this work: being with our cracks:)

What our mind or society has labeled as  “imperfections”  is so 2017, now it’s about embracing those cracks or imperfections with  compassion so that the light, that healing beautiful light that is around us all when we choose to tune into it, can shine through.

It is from that place of allowing that the magic happens; that we start to see and become conscious of what no longer serves us, stepping into a new field of consciousness.

This work is not about being esoterical and reaching for the stars, it’s about creating a new reality from within, and as change on the inside naturally creates change on the outside, it becomes life changing. The energy that we invest in numbing or fixing those imperfections is all of a sudden freed and re invested in a healthier reality, maximising our potential, regardless of the outcome.

Maximising our potential doesn’t mean living recklessly, on the contrary, it means living consciously, and doing our best to cancel out the noise in our head and in our environment that limits us, and that stops us from stepping outside of our comfort zone.

So here is to living a life in the unknown, because the truth is that we never know what is around the corner.

If you feel called to know more about this work, i have recorded a new meditation, and if you feel called to share this with anyone who needs to read this message, please don’t hesitate to do so. Again, there are group sessions scheduled on my website, and i will be announcing more events soon.

On this sunny day, which is also my brothers bday, I am sending you a lot of love and light.


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