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On Wednesday i got to meet my beautiful niece, Elia. She is perfect of course, like we all are actually.

Buddhist nun Pema Chaudron says “everything is ground for awakening”, the places and the people that trigger us especially, they are all there to enable us to wake up to the perfection that is life, and to the movies that play in our head.

I do have to confess that this is easier said than done, but once we start to practice coming back to the present moment and begin to witness the stories we tell ourselves, we realise that we have the possibility to let go of the narrative that no longer serve us.

The practice of meditation is pretty cool at guiding its practitioner to navigate into unknown waters with a hand on the heart in case we need extra support, bearing in mind that as we are practicing presence, every moment is a new opportunity to question what closes us and come back to the beauty of what truly is.

In the book The Untethered Soul, Michael A Singer talks extensively about the voice in our head that critic us and that we so dearly buy into. The stronger we were criticised as a kid, the louder the critic voice in our head is going to be. So no, the voice is not our essence. The voice is not who we are at our chore. The voice was developed as a response to the environment we grew up in.

If the critic voice within you is really strong, i can only recommend you to practice meditation a little more, developing your awareness of the present moment, and using your breath, just like a Jedi Sword that will ruthlessly and fiercely cut through the stories that critic you and weaken you. I believe that just like the perfect Elia, we are all born perfect and create stories that take us away from our chore because we think they will bring us more love. What if love was already there to begin with?

I have uploaded a new meditation to help you practice, and am still available for one on one sessions, workshops or groups. Please consult the event and workshop page for more info and remember to share this email with whoever you think could benefit from learning more about meditation.

Love and Blessings

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